Getting Your Home Ready for that Perfect Photo Shoot!

Is your home currently on the market? One of your first steps to selling your home needs to be taking high quality and valuable pictures. That is the most crucial thing you can do to help sell your home. Most buyers, more than 90%, start their home search online. The images that are taken go on MLS which is known as the Multiple Listing System. From MLS your home is featured on a variety of national websites such as Zillow, Realtor, Trulia etc. In today’s day and age it is most important to have those high resolution pictures so that it can truly showcase your beautiful home. Now that you see how important it is to get those photos we have some tips to get your home ready for that perfect photo shoot!


To begin, you can start by opening all window covers and making sure all views are represented and make sure you turn blinds into horizontal position. Turn off all fans and televisions, also hide the remotes in a drawer. You want to make sure all knick knacks are picked up and put away to make your home look as clean as possible. Try and de-clutter all rooms and with that being said, pick up any clothes and toys. You can buy storage bins to put these in and store under the bed. If you are staging your house, it is all about having a few good looking but functional furniture pieces. The key is to keep it clean and as little pieces as possible. This is what is going to grab the buyer’s attention. Moving onto bathrooms, go ahead and clear all the toiletries off around the sink(s) and bathtub. You can leave a decorative arrangement on the counters or around the tub. Maybe even a candle but remember to keep it to a minimum and of course make sure you close the lid of the toilet. In the kitchen, start by cleaning off the counter tops and hiding anything that you use for everyday. Take all stickers, pictures and magnets off the fridge. Lastly, you want to turn a couple lamps on to set the lighting up for those bomb photos!


Now that we covered the inside of the house, the next important part is cleaning up the outside. Start by cleaning off driveway and walkways. You could even go as far as pressure washing your driveway and home. Sweep patios, decks and remove all debris. If you have a garage, park your car in it and close the doors. If you have a carport, remove car for the pictures. Remove all garbage and garbage cans. To help improve the look of your home, you can do a little landscaping by adding some flowers or plants to your home, just make sure to remove weeds. All sprinklers, hoses and any outside work tools should be out of sight. If you have a pool, we recommend that it is clean, shock if need be. Last but not least, if you have any patio furniture, make sure it is clean and there are cushions.

If you follow all of these tips, we are sure your house will stand out in the most perfect photos!