Get Your Home Ready for Sunshine Days

It’s so close. The sun is finally peeking its head out and we can’t wait for her to show up and show out. The Summer is the perfect time to show off your home as well. Whether you’re looking to sell or stay at home this season, here are a few fun preparations to make your home summer-ready for you and your guests!

Plant a Garden

Summer is the prime time to grow many different produce items. With good weather, a little more free time and an environment conducive to trying out your green thumb- there’s no better time to give it your shot than now! Vegetables, herbs, summer flowers and more await you. Use this as a fun summer activity for your family to enjoy, as well as a selling point if you’re looking to list your home.

Invest in Yard Games

Croquet, bocce ball, horse shoe… You can spend many evenings enjoying your lawn by exploring some new sports and activities. Make outdoors the place to be by finding a yard game your whole family enjoys.

Fire Up the Grill

Pull off the grill cover, clean off the charcoal, and pick up a new propane tank. It’s time to fire her up! Nothing says summer like dinner from the grill. If your old girl is looking a little rusty- now is the time to catch a sale at your local home improvement store. Easily host dinners and gatherings with your most effortless appliance.

Freshen Your Patio Furniture

It’s been a while since you’ve lounged out back. Take a look at your cushions and pillows. Don’t waste another beautiful evening avoiding a musty cushion. Clean patio furniture creates an enjoyable environment for you to enjoy and paints a nice picture for viewers if you’re showing your home.

Prepare for Bug Repellant

No one can relax if they’re being eaten alive. These days you can easily find aesthetically appealing ways to control for mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. Cute lanterns, candles and lights can disguise your deadly repellant. Also consider a fun container to hold your bug sprays outdoors. Keep your patio practical and pretty while you host this summer.

These easy updates will make you and your home ready for Summer! We hope you’ll enjoy these sunny days and warm nights in your home. We know we will. Interested in showing your home when it’s at its best? Call one of our Real Estate Advisors to learn how you can make the most of your summer and get the best value for your home! We’d love to hear from you at 225-218-0888.